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Your First Visit

In order for your chiropractor to assess your condition and offer you the best treatment and management possible, they will need to take a detailed medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. After the initial examination, your chiropractor will discuss their findings with you and allow time for you to ask questions and discuss your treatment preferences. We have many different types of treatment to offer and  your chiropractor will propose a management strategy for you, taking into consideration your age, spinal condition and treatment preferences. Your chiropractic care may include: soft tissue work, gentle manual mobilisation, spinal manipulation, postural recommendations and/or corrective exercises.

The initial chiropractic consultation usually includes treatment uWaiting_Room_Websitenless other investigations (such as xrays or scans) or referral is required. It is best to allow 45 minutes to an hour for this visit. 
For your convenience we have HICAPS on-the-spot claiming at the clinic, allowing you to instantly claim your private health insurance rebate. We welcome GP referrals for Medicare - Allied Health Services for Chronic Disease Management and Department of Veteran Affairs patients.